Since 1993

Hola. Hello. Tudo bem. Paz.

I’m Julia Grob, a comedy writer and performer born and raised in New York City. I’m the only child of a single mom who raised me in a non-traditional way. I grew up with two moms and an adopted sister.  Not in the way you may be thinking, we were the original Kate and Allie.  

Along my non-traditional journey I've attended a school founded by blacklisted teachers during McCarthyism, been a musical theater nerd, dreamt about being a human rights lawyer, wrote and toured a one-woman show internationally, taken a train from Peru to Brazil, met Fidel Castro, went Ivy League, won best thesis writing about hip-hop's political influence, ran a youth ensemble theater company, started a camp on a farm, worked as a coat check girl, created a web series, was featured in the NY Times, lived in a tipi, ran a political campaign, worked on a pot farm, performed on Broadway, and paid off my student loans. 

I moved to LA a few years ago with my husband, a spoken word poet. My family thinks I married a rapper, but I think it's just because he's Black.  We live in Los Feliz with the baddest cat around, Mitzy.