East WillyB: A Latino Web Series

East WillyB chronicles the adventures of Bushwick Sports Bar owner Willie Jr., and his motley crew of bar regulars, as they deal with the trials and tribulations of living in an ever changing Brooklyn.  Created by Julia Ahumada Grob and Yamin Segal,  the series was named the “Latino Show for the New Generation,” by the New York Times, East WillyB is a fresh new comedy which explores the humors and tensions when cultures collide in the face of gentrification.  Learn more at www.eastwillyb.com


He(R)evolution is a one-woman biographical show of a young woman struggling to understand her identity, both personal and political. The show explores themes of political activism, womanhood, and fate, as the playwright/performer places herself in an honored tradition of female revolutionaries living a radical, life-centered vision of activism

Beat Back Bush

Winner of the 2005 Hip Hop Odyssey "Crowd Pleaser" Award, Beat Back Bush is an interactive, hip-hop, anti-Bush workout video.  The video series was created to express angst, anger, and frustration after the 2004 Presidential Election.